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About Us

Mojakart! The name was coined in 2018 by Aniket Manoj Shroff (born October 10, 1995) who is a young entrepreneur and is currently working on 6 successful multinational companies, one of them being Mojakart.

The name MOJAKART may seem quite peculiar but the meaning is actually pretty simple. Moja means ‘One’ in Swahili. Hence, Mojakart is an all-in-one kart stop for you to get the best IT products ranging from computers, laptops, printers, mobiles, accessories, and a lot more.

The name Mojakart may seem unconventional at first but the meaning is quite simple and relevant. The word – MOJA- originates from the East African roots. The most common language spoken in this region is known as Swahili. In Swahili MOJA means ONE.
Thus, Mojakart being a 1 cart stop.

“Straight from the source to your home”

We set our hearts on making electronic shopping seamless and providing our customers with the best of market prices.

We carry a vision of the complete digitalization of shopping electronics for our customers. We believe in speed delivering quality products to your doorstep at budget prices.



To create and deliver the most consumer-friendly and trustworthy IT website for a compelling online shopping experience across multiple countries.



Mojakart’s main focus is to bring brands to their doorsteps so end user and customer friendly not meant for vendors and resellers.

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